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Combining the skills and knowledge of the Naval Special Warfare Community, USMC, and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, Tactical Intelligence has designed a hand-to-hand combat training course with a realistic approach to Self Defense and Tactical Fighting.

Hand to Hand Combat Training

During our 3-5 day course, students will learn to use their body as a weapon using basic strikes and blocks.
Hand to Hand Training with the 723rd MSC (Special Operations)

Points covered will include:

  • Proper use of hands, feet, knees, elbows and head
  • Situational awareness
  • Single and Multiple attackers
  • Zone control
  • Combat Mindset
Techniques taught in the initial course are realistic and easy to learn. They have been proven during real- world situations, in combat, and in sports competitions.

All of our instructors are former Special Operations personnel with real-world combat experience. Most have performed these skills live in high-threat areas of the world within the last six months.

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